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Welcome to The Association of British Naïve Artists. We hope you enjoy browsing through our three sections of members work and capture some of the magic encapsulated by the world of Primitive/Naive Art. Our aim is to promote Naive Art throughout Great Britain and abroad; to promote each other and to educate people about this unique style of painting. Because we are mostly self taught and have often not had any formal training, you will recognise a simplicity, innocence and honesty about our work that you will find no where else. During the last few years there has been a growing world-wide interest in Primitive/Naive paintings and many public and private galleries are now devoting special sections to this genre.


About Naive Art

A brief dictionary definition of Naïve Art is " any form of visual art that is created by a person who lacks the formal education and training that a professional artist undergoes" but it is much more than that. However, although by definition it is probably one of the most common art genre, very little has been written about it compared with other art forms. In 2001 ABNA founder Peter Denham wrote about how he viewed Naïve Art and this was later published in "The Artist & Illustrator" Magazine.


About The ABNA

The Association of British Naïve Artists, or ABNA, was formed in 2002 by Peter Denham & Mervyn Clingan shortly after Peter wrote an article in the leading art magazine Artist & Illustrator that prompted some hitherto unknown Naïve painters as well as some better known painters to write and ask about becoming members of the new Association.  He had a dream which was to bring Naïve Art more credibility in the art world, and to strive to have a museum for British Naïve Art somewhere in the British Isles. Sadly Peter became ill in the summer and died on Christmas Day of the same year. He had so much still to achieve and so the members pulled together to carry on with his dream and strive to make the vision a reality.


The ABNA Members

The ABNA has a very wide range of members who have a variety of styles and work in many mediums including paint, ceramics and fabrics. Membership is open to all British Naïve Artists even if they are not living in the UK.

Our members enjoy the many benefits of belonging to the ABNA which include their own page on the ABNA website, free listing of work & items on the ABNA on-line gallery and free entry into the associations members exhibitions.

Take a look through our members galleries by clicking the button below and enjoy the richness and variety of naïve art in all of its forms.

Members Work

Apply To Become A Member

If you wish to apply to join the Association of British Naive Artists you will need to submit up to 12 images a photograph of yourself and the application form which can be downloaded from below. The PDF version is for applicants who wish to print off the form and return it by post, The Word Document may be filled out on your computer and emailed together with your images.

The selection panel meet twice a year, at the end of April and at the end of October. Successful applicants from the Autumn will be asked to pay half the annual subscription if joining at the end of October. Successful applicants in the Spring will pay the full subscription – currently £45 (due on 1st May). Successful applicants in the Autumn will pay half of the full subscription – currently £22.50 (due on 1st November).

You Can Apply For Membership Online or By Post


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We maintain a list of people to whom we send notification of all our exhibitions, and people interested in naive art. If you are not already on our list please complete the form below and then click the button marked “Submit”.

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