About The ABNA

The Association of British Naïve Artists, or ABNA, was formed in 2002 by Peter Denham & Mervyn Clingan shortly after Peter wrote an article in the leading art magazine Artist & Illustrator that prompted some hitherto unknown Naïve painters as well as some better known painters to write and ask about becoming members of the new Association.  He had a dream which was to bring Naïve Art more credibility in the art world, and to strive to have a museum for British Naïve Art somewhere in the British Isles. Sadly Peter became ill in the summer and died on Christmas Day of the same year. He had so much still to achieve and so the members pulled together to carry on with his dream and strive to make the vision a reality.

The aims of the Association remains broadly unchanged, these are to promote the genre of Naïve Art, to encourage anyone who wishes to be creative in any of the visual arts whether it be painting, drawing or 3D art forms and to educate and enlighten people in the joys of the many art forms the association exhibits.

ABNA has slowly grown over the years since Peter death with application being received  twice a year by perspective members. A wide range of styles are now represented among the members and this is demonstrated at the association exhibitions which now number three per year.

The association also boasts a healthy on-line community through its social media which includes Facebook, Twitter, Pinerest and YouTube. The new YouTube channel was established recently to allow members to share, with other member and the wider community, their passion for their art and the techniques they use in executing their craft. The ABNA’s Facebook presents gives members the chance to communicate with and enjoy the work of many artists in the UK and throughout the rest of the world.

Another exiting development for the association was the launch of its on-line gallery where members can offer their original work, prints and other items for sale. It is hoped that this will grow in time and become a first port of call for the increasing number of art buyers and collectors of Naïve Art throughout the world.

While The ABNA continues to grow it is imperative that member old and new take an active part in the more mundane work that is always involved in running and organisation. This work, carried out by volunteer, is vital to the health and growth of the association and a big thank you must be given to them for their tireless work in running the group for and on behalf of its members. If you have enjoyed looking at this website and learning more about Naïve Art and would like to help in the running and development of The ABNA please get in touch, you don’t even have to be an artist yourself although we might try to turn you into one.