Alison Ross Back

I am a self taught artist from North Wales

As early as I can remember I made ‘arty things’ paintings, wrapped papier mache around balloons ( to make heads) , theatres from banana boxes (with lights and real curtains.)

I was around six or seven when I first saw a copy of Henri Rousseau`s ‘The Sleeping Gypsy’, I was spellbound! I decided I wanted to do ‘that’ too.

Unfortunately it was not to be, a ‘real’ job(s) beckoned. I became a riding instructor, a nanny, a waitress, sold antiques and bric a brac worked in an off licence etc etc.

Not a paint brush in sight untill 2002. Unfortunately my mother became very ill. I nursed her, to fill in the quiet times (and take my mind off the painful stuff) I started painting . I bought some cheap poster paints and copied my mothers get well cards.A sense of calm immediatly came over me. I have been pretty much been painting ever since ..its very addictive !

I paint the world as I want it to be with a memories from my childhood thrown in to the mix.

Artists Work