Andy Moore Back

I am 57 and, as of October 2016 an ex accountant (Yipee!).

At school I dropped Art at 13 to do more maths! School Art reports at the time observed – “shows originality”, “lives in a world of his own”, “follows his own independent line but somehow seems to get there”.

I started ‘art’ again recently doing seaside style postcards for local charity events using any media that seemed to work at the time.

I try to tell ‘stories’ with my pictures and hopefully get folk to think. Realism is secondary – though, my wife, Mary, tries to keep some order.

I volunteer at Fleetwood Museum and this has drawn (ouch, bad pun) me to the story of this unique coastal resort and port. I have found some ‘focus’ by putting together a ‘Fleetwood Story’ – illustrations telling stories of events in the town’s remarkable history.

I have been both astonished and thrilled that the Museum Trust has been able to sell, very modestly boosting their coffers in the process, some of my stuff locally and even to ‘ex pats’.

Most of my illustrations have stories attached to them. If you are curious I would be delighted to bore you with the details so please just drop me an email. The ‘Fleetwood Story’ extends to over 30 pictures so far with many more planned.

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