Chloe Rodenhurst Back

I started to paint again very recently and hadn’t picked up a paintbrush in nearly 30 years but now that I’ve reignited my love of painting there’s no stopping me!
I like the sort of art that tells a story. Indeed, we have always told stories through our paintings and my work belongs to this folk art tradition. I find the naive style and vibrant colour of Asian art most inspiring and a passion for textiles informs my perspective of the landscapes in which my tales are set. The watercolour and ink paintings I produce usually depict scenes of stunning West Wales where I live but I also paint a summer series inspired by our travels; this year it was Krakow & last year it was Taiwan. However, other than when I am working on a commission, my painting focuses on local history such as the Victorian circus travelling from Aberystwyth to Tregaron or Welsh myths and legends like the Devils Bridge saga. I enjoy portraying the superficially incongruent, for example elephants in Aberystwyth, whilst also paying particular attention to the native flora and fauna.

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