Chris Williamson Back

Chris lives in Bedfordshire, and works from his home studio.
He grew up with an interest in cartooning and sites artists such as
Paul Sample, Gray Jolliffe, and Ralph Steadman as having an early
influence. More recently (say), Gary Bunt and Sam Toft.

“I have been interested in drawing for most of my life, and always
keep sketchbooks.
Some sketches become paintings. Mostly oil on panel”.

Featuring a gaunt owner and his faithful Jack Russell (Barton Darcy),
they come with humorous ‘ditties’ – 4 line poems about the world as
the dog sees it.

“These began around ten years ago. I would think of a title, and
annotate the sketches.
It just evolved really. I like to give people a grin if possible”.

Having exhibited in Herts, Beds, Bucks and London, his work is
published as cards and wall art.

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