Darius Gilmont Back

Born in London (1963), I have been drawing and painting as long as I can remember. My first illustration work, Quy’s Journey, a privately-published book to help Vietnamese refugees learn English, was published when I was 18. Studying architecture at Manchester, I developed a very illustrative approach, and eventually found the millimetres completely indigestible. For many years I worked as a freelance illustrator for magazines and newspapers in London, and. from 1993, in Tel-Aviv. These included The Independent, The Daily Telegraph, The Jerusalem Post and The Jerusalem Report. Since 2000, I have been a salaried illustrator and animator with a publisher of English-language-teaching materials, while in my spare time painting in oils, and most recently, illustrating a five-volume Child’s Bible for a small publisher in Berlin. I live in Ra’anana, near Tel-Aviv, with my wife Lili and nine-year-old son, Ariel. My ambition, like so many artists, is to one day be able to leave my nine-to-five, and paint full time!

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