Isabelle Makowska Back

Art and craft has always been important in my life during which I have worked in different professions yet art has continued as an important part of my life. Whilst teaching to adults I found this to be useful in helping to make teaching aids for seminars and presentations.

Some twelve years ago whilst I was helping to run a healing centre in the Spanish countryside where there was time and a studio available to me, I developed my work in mixed media, oils, and silk painting. I observed in others and in myself the healing effect of creative expression and people have often commented on the peaceful effect the paintings have on them. I like to contemplate and listen to music whilst working.

Exhibitions in galleries both abroad and in Cornwall followed along with sales and since exploring ceramics I have newly discovered another outlet for creativity.

Nature, plants and animals, the sea and the countryside have been key to my artwork so living in Cornwall and exposure to Naïve Art has been a great influence. Through this genre I feel I express my work best and am inspired by the wonderful work of similar artists around me.

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