Janette Jagger Back

Janette Jagger was born in Broken Hill, a mining town in the Australian desert where the hot colours inspired her to paint but there was not much opportunity to study art. She went to Art School in Adelaide to follow her dream. In her early twenties she came to England where she continued to paint Australian scenes while living in the East End of London. As you can imagine these paintings were quite a contrast to English scenes, especially in the winter.

Having lived in England for several decades, in 2015 she returned to her birthplace and at the age of 77 traveled around Australia in a camper van, painting.

She now lives in a village in Devon and loves the summer beach scenes of people building sand castles and having fun or local events like the village dog show or church fete. Cornwall is in easy reach for painting trips.

She has spent time in Uganda and the bright African colours with people busy living their lives outdoors were inspiring painting subjects.

She lived four years in Brazil, a country just made for naive painting – little houses all painted different colours, lush tropical vegetation, amazing birds, carnival and joyous people.

Her paintings are full of life and vitality and the sun is always shining.

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