Janice Lizabeth Back

Growing up in the south of England I digested endless hours of BBC children’s TV and especially loved the Magic Roundabout, the Clangers, Bagpuss and Mr Benn. As a self-taught painter these early influences are always very much with me and I like to use bright colours and whimsical story telling in my art.

In the 1990s I emigrated to the other side of the world, and now live by the ocean in beautiful Byron Bay, Australia. My home and studio are two converted shipping containers which I share with my imaginary friend Sebold the maned wolf. In the garden live possums, carpet snakes, yellow robins, bandicoots, wallabies and cicadas.

I love to paint animals, birds and people the most, using acrylic paints as thick as butter, and have mostly painted miniatures on board. Recently I have started to make bigger paintings and am enjoying this new exploration.

Some of my favourite things are rainbows, sea eagles, eating oysters and having birdbaths in the ocean 

I often travel to England to stay with my family in Lincolnshire and always take the opportunity to visit exhibitions and art galleries to fuel my passion for the visual arts and crafts.

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