Jennifer Raison Back

I have drawn pictures ever since I was about three, often sketching imaginary dragons, in family groups. I paint mostly in oils and acrylics.
I was probably one of the first group of members of ABNA which has been a marvellous Association and given me confidence.
I am married with three children, six grandchildren, a husband and a collie dog.
In the 70’s I started a puppet and mask shop in Notting Hill Gate called Harlequin House, which I loved, and I was able to travel to India to learn about puppetry. Since moving to Suffolk the shop has been closed but I still keep some favourite puppets in the empty stables.
Some years ago a book I wrote was published – it was called ‘Caraboo’ and was about a servant girl in 1815 who pretended to be a Princess.
Mos of my paintings are of things I have seen and thought humorous.

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