Jim Sykes Back

Originally from Saddleworth , then in Yorkshire, I was brought up in North Wales and for a short time in Surrey. I am an engineer by profession and during my working career I lived in Berkshire, Hertfordshire and the Wirral before returning to live and work in Yorkshire.

I painted sporadically for relaxation in the past and I have always been interested in art but only since retiring have I had the time and opportunity to develop my painting. Apart from a couple of short workshops I am self taught.

I paint in acrylics because I like their bright colours and speed of drying. Most of my inspiration comes from local scenes, especially around Knaresborough, Harrogate and York, and the Yorkshire Dales and coast. This area provides a wide variety of subjects for painting and I like to include people and animals in my paintings for the extra dimension and interest they give.

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