Karen Farrington Back

After years in education and with limited artistic training, a move to Cornwall opened the door and my mind to my own experimental, playful and colourful art. My painting process is often unplanned and breaks ‘rules’ as the mood and new inspiration and learning takes me. I’m told my pictures tell stories and often provoke a smile with their unusual perspectives changing recognisable features in scale, arrangement and colour. Happily many have found new homes in Britain and abroad. One is double glazed in a bathroom between an Alfred Wallis and a Christopher Wood!

My indulgent family and friends and the supportive community in Launceston have encouraged me to use the designs to develop products, including the 2013 Town Guide Cover and I have been challenged by various commissions. 2016 saw the publication of my Naive Art Colouring Book which I hope will encourage others to play and brighten their world.

Local cafes, shops and our Tourist Information Centre have exhibited my work and schools have invited me to work with children.I have enjoyed combined and solo exhibitions in Cornwall and am delighted to have exhibited with the ABNA since 2014 in St Ives, Mousehole and Maker Heights.

Artists Work

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