Kelly Traylen Back

I am a self-taught artist based in fenland, Cambridgeshire whose inspiration comes from artists such has LS Lowry, Rebecca Lardner and Paul Horton. I love working with Ink and Watercolour which suits my fun, quirky style of painting which I have been developing over the past year. I use bold bright colours within my painting which I hope brings joy to people and will make them smile. Having lived for most of my life close to London and then moving to the Fenlands 4 years ago I was struck by the amazing colours of the open fields, rolling countryside and bright blue skies which I have transferred into my paintings.

After leaving school in 1994 my art journey ended as I went to explore the world of working life, love and eventually children. Now at 39, with two amazing young boys and a supportive husband I decided it was time to pick up a brush and start creating again to give myself a little me time and de-stress from the pressures of running a busy branch of a small independent Estate Agency. For the past year I have been participating in an art class with an amazing tutor and some great ladies who inspired me to set up this website and start to sell my work. I guess I would say that I am what you would call a Naïve Artist, which is basically someone with no formal art training, my style is bright, quirky and fun inspired by many great artist including LS Lowry and Rebecca Lardner. I work mainly with Ink and Watercolour but I am experimenting with Acrylics and Oils.

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