Melanie Hodge Back

An American-British artist, I grew up in California and graduated university with a degree in English Literature. In 1999 I packed my bags for a gap year abroad, but fell in love on the way and never went back. Since then I have lived in London, Brussels and Zagreb, with longer visits to Ukraine and Jordan. I now live half an hour from the sea in West Sussex.

Originally I worked in self-taught watercolours, but in 2010 I was introduced to the Croatian Naïve tradition of reverse oil painting on glass by an artist in Zagreb. In proper Naïve fashion, I was introduced to the basic skills and then told to figure the rest out for myself. Since then I’ve held two solo shows and one of my works is in the Croatian Association of Naïve Artists permanent collection.

Alongside my painting, I run events for those interested in learning more about the Croatian Naïve while also being a full time carer for my Autistic son and providing transport to and from dancing lessons for my ballerina daughter. My works are full of memories and metaphors for the journeys I’ve made, my dreams for the future and the stories which make me who I am.

Artists Work