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Noel Barker was born in Leeds, Yorkshire. After a busy life working for the famous specialist in flower arrangement, Constance Spry, acting as a professional organiser of parties and social events and raising a family, Noel Barker turned to painting in 1976. Then what had started as an instant enthusiasm became a full time activity.

Noel Barker, a self taught “Naive” feels that she has learnt a great deal (from herself) in her first five years as a painter. Her pictures, which have verged on the primitive style, have become steadily more complex, and their humour, which had a simplistic flavour, has developed in both character and wit; the paintwork too has become increasingly precise.

Noel Barker started painting in her 50’s and although she has no formal training she has developed a distinctive style of her own, which has proved very popular with the art establishment and the picture buying public.

Noel Barker has exhibited nationally and internationally and her pictures are collected worldwide.

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