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Born in Dublin. Orla Egan spent her childhood in the West of Ireland. Her vivid childhood memories capture the day to day life of bygone times. Scenes from village carnival, parades, markets and the school yard have the power to allow us a glimpse into her heritage. Orla Egan is a figurative painter in the naïve tradition and with her curious figures and her irregular buildings, she has through disregarding conventional restrictions, created her own language and her paintings are refreshingly innocent as well as being bold and confident.

Orla has exhibited at The Royal Hibernian Academy in Dublin many times since 1998, also The Royal Ulster Academy in Belfast, The Sligo Gallery, The Crawford Gallery in Cork. The Leinster and Sandford Galleries (now The Trinity Gallery in Dublin) Thompsons Gallery in London and the Wren Gallery in Oxfordshire. She has received many awards and her paintings are in many collections in Ireland.

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