Paul Scates Back

I have been painting for the last 20 years.

I am 64 years old, retired and now happily persuing my passion for painting. I enjoy creating my version of what I see or am influenced by, placing my “twist” into the finished piece.

I paint using Oils, however, I use the oil paint more like Acrylic, thinly building up the paint often using a restricted pallet.

Painting for me is “Fun” and should make everyone seeing it happy or laugh out loud. I would best describe myself these days as a “Professional – Amateur self taught Artist”.

I am fortunate enough to sell most of what I produce as Commissioned pieces, which are often House Portraits or other work via Exhibitions, Art Auctions and Craft/Art Markets.

In addition to the above my time is spent visiting Art Groups for Demonstrations or Workshops. As part of the Lymm Village Festival, I also hold a four day Pop-up-Gallery each year to showcase my work.

Most important to me is that I thoroughly enjoy painting and have over time developed my own style to ensure I stay fresh and engaged with every piece I produce.

There is no correct way to paint, painting to a high standard but in a childlike way is fine by me. Many thanks Paul Scates.

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