Rachel Perham Back

I was brought up in the fishing village of Clovelly on the North Devon Coast whose family trace back six generations on my fathers side. I am the daughter of a late fishermen, who made his living catching lobsters and crab in the summer months and herring in the winter. My late mother was an artist and used the village and many of its past characters as her main theme for her art. So my whole life has been dominated by two things the love of the sea, and the love of creativity.
After many years of working as a chef on land and on Tall Ships at sea I retired from catering to pursue my love of art in which previously had only been a hobby.
I paint on canvas and board using acrylic paint in a naïve style and use Clovelly and it’s characters as my subject to paint how I see life as it is today in the village. Each painting tells a story and some have hidden meanings that are personal to me. I like to use bright vibrant colours in my work, as art is not only a passion it is also therapy that has got me through some dark times.

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