Sophia Shaw Back

“Originally from Wales, Sophia draws upon a love of nature and travel to create her highly detailed whimsical illustrations.
After completing her degree in Swansea 2010, Sophia wanted to take a ‘step-back’ from the commercial world of contemporary illustration and the pressures of the art world. She settled on pursuing her dreams and set off to work and travel her way across Australia, New Zealand and SE Asia for 2.5 years.
The people she met, volunteer work and many hours wildlife watching influenced her greatly and re-ignited her passion for art- thus was born a ‘style’ of working, a new love for watercolours and a place within the art world.
Nowadays, still borderline nomadic, Sophia lives happily with her Earthbag-building partner. She is self-employed and spends a lot of time painting home, garden and wedding portrait commissions and is very excited about being accepted into the ABNA. Life is very much a journey! ”