Thomas Dawnay Back

I was born in London in 1978 and have always lived here. I enjoy its buzz and colour and the different range of cultures which call it home and inspire my painting. I studied art up to GCSE level and it took 16 years and a volcanic eruption to make me pick up my brushes again. At the time I was stranded in New York and was wandering through the MET looking at the gorgeous medieval masterpieces and at that point got the inspiration to paint something similar if/once I got home, complete with exploding volcano and medieval colours.
I draw my influences from a variety of sources such as South American colonial art, Russian “Luboks” (woodcuts), Scandinavian folk art and Mexican “Retablos”. I am drawn to the bright colours, bold lines, shapes and unaffected way in which these works are painted giving them a down-to-earth emotional honesty which one can easily understand and relate to

Artists Work